Since 1985, Maxfield Productivity Consultants, Inc. has delivered training, facilitation and performance improvement solutions that lead to proven business results.

Headquartered in Houston, we provide products and services to private, public and non-profit clients throughout the world.


Products & Services

Job aids
We offer a variety of job aids that organize information in memorable ways to make recall simple and following process steps routine.  Whether it's mapping job duties and tasks, managing a project, develping a coaching roadmap, preparing presentations, using personality differences to solve problems or simply remembering to wash hands thoroughly, we can custom-tailor the right tool to suit your needs.

The following are some of the job aids we offer, which can be customized for your organization. We can also custom-design job aids to suit your needs.  Please contact us to see a preview and receive more information about how they might be used in your organization.

Project Management
Coaching Roadmap
Presentation Planner
Magic Z