Since 1985, Maxfield Productivity Consultants, Inc. has delivered training, facilitation and performance improvement solutions that lead to proven business results.

Headquartered in Houston, we provide products and services to private, public and non-profit clients throughout the world.


Products & Services

Innovation tools & change management
Problem solving leads to innovation which, in turn, calls for change management.  We lead training, workshops and retreats that accelerate pinpointing root causes of situations, expedite development of potential solutions, troubleshoot implications of choices, reach consensus on the best option, present it to others in a way that is heard and respected and then manage the changes that it brings. 

The following are some of the courses we offer on the topics of innovation tools and change management.  They can be customized for your organization and presented individually or as a series. A workbook is provided for each participant.  Train-the-trainer and self-study versions are available.  In addition, we can provide consulting and one-on-one coaching.  Please contact us for more information and to see a preview of the presentation materials.

Successfully Leading Change
Implications Wheel